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PetNurse Telehealth Service

LifeLearn Animal Health in partnership with Vetsdirect, the United Kingdom’s largest veterinary telehealth provider, has launched PetNurse, an after-hours telehealth triage service available to veterinary practices. OVMA members receive a 10 per cent discount on this new service.

woman_with_dog_and_technologyVeterinary practices can use PetNurse to provide reliable after-hours support for pet owners who need instant answers to address pet health concerns. The service allows veterinary practices to provide pet owners with access to veterinary advice 24/7 without the need to recruit additional staff.

Staffed by registered veterinary technicians/nurses who follow distinct protocols based on pet symptoms, PetNurse helps pet owners avoid the risks of using unvetted online information and helps boost appointments and profitability for practices. It also provides work-life balance for veterinary professionals while offering peace of mind to pet owners.

If a practice client contacts PetNurse, concerns will be triaged as follows:

  1. If the concern is minor and the pet does not require veterinary care, the pet owner will be so advised. If needed, PetNurse will arrange a follow-up discussion to ensure the concern is resolving itself.
  2. If the pet requires veterinary attention but the situation isn’t an emergency, the caller will be advised to make a next-day appointment with their veterinarian. PetNurse can even book an appointment directly with the practice, if the practice has a LifeLearn WebDVM website with calendar integration (service coming soon).
  3. If the situation is urgent, the pet owner will be advised to visit an after-hours emergency clinic associated with their veterinarian. If the practice provides its own after-hours emergency care, PetNurse will contact the on-call veterinarian to arrange an emergency appointment.

All calls are answered using the clinic’s name and result in a note being sent to practices for review the next morning.

For more information or to sign up, email or call 1-800-375-7994, ext. 1.


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