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What’s a Clinic Membership? 

OVMA’s individual membership gives you access to many career and well-being resources and services, discounts and many perks exclusive to only association members.  


Although practice owners can register as an individual member, upgrading to a clinic membership provides you with access to additional business-focused benefits such as discounts on accountingcoaching and budgeting services, which are indispensable for the health and success of your practice.  


OVMA’s clinic membership is also a great way for practice owners to save money on memberships for other veterinarians working in their practice.  

Take a glance at the additional benefits available with a clinic membership.

Compare benefits included in each membership, visit our Membership Types page for an overview of all the memberships and visit our Membership Benefits page to learn more details about every benefit.

By upgrading to a clinic membership, you’ll unlock access to: 

  • OVMA’s Budgeting and Coaching Service for $500/year 
    Helping you reach the financial goals for your practice. 

  • Dashboard Alerts 
    Peace of mind that OVMA is monitoring your numbers to ensure you stay on track. 

  • Discounts on OVMA’s Accounting Service 
    Provided by veterinary-specific firm that understands the nuances of the profession. 

  • Practice management tools 
    Support and resources to help save you time and reach your business goals. 

  • Human resources tools 
    Helping you effectively manage staff.

  • Annual client satisfaction survey kit and report 
    Allowing you to gauge how your clients feel about the level of service your clinic provides. 

  • The option to register non-DVM practice managers 
    Providing valuable tools and resources to the rest of the team. 

  • Mystery Phone Shopper Service 
    Identifying how your front-desk staff could improve their customer service over the phone. 

  • Discounts on staff continuing education 
    For OVMA’s annual Conference and Trade Show and Great Idea’s Conference. 

  • Additional 10 per cent discount on OVMA classified ads 
    To aid in your search for the very best team members.


Wondering how much you’re actually saving? Here’s the value of each service: 

Practice consultation $2,000
Mystery Phone Shopper Service $1,500
Practice Dashboard Alert service $1,200
Home/auto insurance $1,200 (est.)
Commercial insurance $786 (est.)
Humane resources consultation $500
Free legal advice $300
OVMA Conference and Trade Show $156
VIN membership $80



In total, you’ll save over $7,000 (less the cost of membership) on necessary services and resources for running, maintaining and growing your practice. 

Let’s break down the cost of membership:

Clinic Membership

Basic clinic (one DVM) $840
Each additional DVM $260
Total $1,100

Individual Membership

Practice Owner DVM $610
Each associate DVM $495
Total $1,105

To enjoy the added value of a clinic membership, every veterinarian in the practice must be included. You can also include your practice manager for $260 as part of your clinic membership.

Ready to upgrade? 

Are you ready to upgrade? Complete the Clinic Membership application and submit it to