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Whether you're looking for work, to hire, or to buy or sell, you've come to the right place. OVMA classified ads are among the most comprehensive in Canada. Classified ads are posted publicly and updated daily.

Classified ad content will be reviewed prior to posting and edits may be suggested. We won't post content that may be perceived as unbecoming of the profession, disparaging to members or non-inclusive in nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

OVMA members receive a significant on classified ad rates.

OVMA Member Rates

  • First 25 words: $72.75
  • Each additional word: $1.99
  • OVMA box number: $15.30

Non-Member Rates

  • First 25 words: $145.50
  • Each additional word: $2.65
  • OVMA box number: $15.30

Ad titles are calculated in word count. There's no charge for contact name, address, phone, email or website unless this information is repeated in the ad description. 
All OVMA members receive a significant discount on applicable classified ads. Members also receive a 30 per cent discount on their first consecutive ad renewal (with the exception of for sale/lease ads). 

We also offer the following classified ad benefits:
  • All members can place a student wanted ad for free.
  • Student members looking for employment can place a free listing.
  • Member associate veterinarians can place a veterinarian available ad for free.
All ads will be posted within two business days of receipt and will remain posted for 60 days, unless we receive a removal request.
If you want to remain anonymous in your ad, you can request an OVMA box number for $15.30. Responses to ads assigned to a box number will be directed to OVMA, and then we'll forward the response to you. 

If you're replying to an ad with an OVMA box number, send an email with the following information to

  • The box number in the subject line.
  • Any documents or information you want the advertiser to have.
  • Anything you would like to say to the advertiser (questions, contact info, etc.).

Your email will be forwarded to the advertiser, who will then contact you.

How do I Submit an Ad?

To submit a classified ad, fill out and submit our online form. Be sure to include:

  • Region (Central Ontario, Eastern Ontario, GTA, Northern Ontario, Outside of Ontario, Southern Ontario, Southwestern Ontario, Western Ontario).

  • Availability (evenings, on-call, overnights, part time, full time, temporary, weekends).
  • Practice type (emergency, equine, exotic, large, mixed, small, specialty).
  • Position (RVT/hospital personnel, student, veterinarian).
  • Ad title (not included in word count).
  • Ad description.
  • Salary (not included in word count).
  • Ad contact details (not included in word count).

Post An Ad

If you have questions, contact

How do I Write a Standout Ad?

Are you hiring? A well-written job ad is key to attracting the right candidates. Learn how to make your job ad stand out.