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The Farley Foundation

Helping people. Healing Pets.

OVMA established the Farley Foundation in 2002 to help pet owners who aren't able to afford necessary or emergency veterinary care for their pets. Since then, it has grown into one of the largest charities of its kind, serving as a leader for veterinary charities that help pet owners across North America.The Farley Foundation

The funds distributed by Farley are a direct result of OVMA member veterinarians fundraising efforts, generous donations from the public and our wonderful sponsors. 

The Foundation does not deal directly with pet owners regarding the status of applications. Pet owners will be directed to speak with their veterinary clinic about the status of their Farley Foundation applications.


Funding qualifications

Who we help

OVMA member veterinarians can apply for funding to subsidize veterinary care needed by the pets of clients who:

  • Are seniors receiving the Federal Guaranteed Income Supplement. 
  • Are persons with disabilities who receive the Ontario Disability Support Payment or the Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefit.
  • Are individuals receiving financial assistance through Ontario Works. 
  • Are persons with an annual income of less than $25,000.
  • Are women at risk of abuse participating in the SafePet Ontario Program.
  • Have pets that are owned by senior care facilities (including supportive housing, retirement homes or long-term care homes).

Pet owners must also have a pre-existing veterinary-client-patient relationship with the practice from which they're seeking funding.

If the pet owner doesn't meet these criteria, they're not eligible to receive Farley funding.

* If a pet owner doesn't have a VCPR, learn about the Farley Foundation's 1,000 Pets to Vets campaign, which will enable 1,000 pet owners to establish a VCPR by subsidizing the cost of their first veterinary exam and any needed vaccinations. 

Types of animals we help

Funding is available to subsidize the treatment of any animal whose primary purpose is companionship, without restriction on the species of animal.

What's covered

The Farley Foundation provides funding for non-elective procedures or treatments such as surgery (including some dental surgery), diagnostics and hospitalization.

What's not covered

Ineligible treatments include routine physical examinations and vaccinations, spays and neuters (unless the procedure is essential to the continued health of the animal), general prophylactic dental care, food and medications.

How to apply

If you belong to one of the groups we help and meet the eligibility criteria, talk to your veterinarian about the possibility of applying for Farley Foundation funding.

Applications for funding can only be submitted by veterinarians. The Farley Foundation can’t discuss funding applications with pet owners or recommend a veterinarian.

Who's Farley?

Canadian artist and cartoonist Lynn Johnston has generously loaned one of her most beloved characters, Farley the English Sheepdog, to the foundation. The name of the Farley Foundation pays homage to Farley, who died in the comic strip while saving April Patterson from drowning when she fell into a river. Farley helps to promote awareness of the foundation, making it possible for thousands of low-income pet owners to continue the relationship with their pets who mean the world to them.

Donate today

The Farley Foundation relies on donations to provide necessary veterinary care to sick/injured pets owned by people in need across Ontario. Consider making your donation "in honour of" or "in memory of" a pet or loved one.

Donations of any amount are appreciated. Charitable tax receipts are issued donations of $15 or more. 

Make a donation online, or find out about other ways you can donate on the Farley Foundation website.



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