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For members

Continuing Education Recognition Program

Each year, OVMA recognizes members who have completed at least 30 hours of Continuing Education (CE) during the previous calendar year with a Continuing Education plaque. First time applicants receive a CE plaque; thereafter applicants receive the appropriate year tile.

To receive your plaque or tile, complete the 2022 CE Recognition Form or the 2023 CE Recognition Form and submit it to the OVMA office as soon as possible. Please include all of the continuing education you have undertaken during the 2022 calendar year to help OVMA understand the types and amount of CE being utilized by Ontario’s veterinarians.

For all CE events attended in person or studied online, please attach copies of receipts or other proof of participation. 


For industry

OVMA Continuing Education Credit Recognition Program

To obtain CE credit approval, follow the steps below.

CE Program application submission requirements:

  1. A Continuing Education Program Application Form (PDF), which includes presentation start and stop times, presentation topics/titles, presenter names, presentation locations and dates, number of total hours of CE credits requested, and application fee payment information. 
  2. Presenter Information Forms (PDF), or create your own document providing details of all presenters’ qualifications, including education, board certification, current organizations, and affiliations.
  3. A brief summary/abstract of each topic to be presented as part of the program. 
  4. A complete copy of the program presentation slides.

Please note:

  • Incomplete application packages won't be considered.
  • Approval is based on one credit for each lecture hour. The minimum "hour" is 50 minutes long. The smallest increment that will be considered for approval is 30 minutes. 
  • Sponsor(s) must be clearly identified and must include an estimate of time devoted to the expression of commercial interests.
  • Presentations given by people who are employed by the sponsoring company creates a conflict of interest and are not likely to be granted CE credit approval. View the presenter's qualifications
  • Presenters must be competent in the subject matter and qualified by experience. In general, presenters of a specific topic should have at least the same level of education, or higher, as the people they're presenting to. Presentations and presenters will be evaluated individually with eligibility based on educational content.
  • A $150 Program Application Fee is required for all applications, as well as a $20 per-hour course fee. Per-hour fees are calculated based on the total hours of programming you want to have reviewed. For programs that have multiple sessions from which a participant may select (like a conference), per-hour fees are calculated on the total number of hours available, not the number of hours for any one participant.
  • Full payment must accompany each request for approval of your continuing education program. Only one fee applies where the program will be delivered in a number of locations, given there are no changes made to the presentation material or presenters.
  • Upon receipt of all documents, and if all requisite eligibility criteria are met, OVMA CE Credit Recognition can be granted within one week of submission. In the event that there are any discrepancies or concerns with any of the eligibility criteria, applications will require additional review, necessitating a potential four to six-week approval time.

Email your package to or see our contact page for our mailing address.


Phone: 905.875.0756 / (toll free) 1.800.670.1702


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