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Exhibitor Information

2017 OVMA Exhibitor Service Kit

The following is information specific to OVMA’s 2017 registered exhibiting companies. Please refer to this web page for copies of all the service order and information forms required to ensure your company has a well run exhibit space for the 2017 OVMA Trade Show.

  • 2017 OVMA Registration Program – “Canada’s Biggest and Best”
    View the complete Conference Registration Program including full educational program content.
  • 2017 OVMA Exhibitors' Prospectus
    As referred to throughout this information, please refer to this document for additional copies of some of the order forms and information as required, and as are specific to OVMA's 2017 exhibiting companies.

  • Hotel Room Availability Due to overwhelming demand, OVMA has opened up an additional block of hotel rooms at the Fairmont Royal York at a discounted rate. The hotel is located one kilometer from the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel, and is easily accessible by foot or cab ride. Rooms are available for $229/night from January 26 – January 28, and room rates may be extended beyond these dates based on availability. To book a room at the Fairmont, please call 1.800.663.7229 or book online. 

  • Some hotel rooms are still available at the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel, although availability for Standard rooms is quite limited and peak nights may be for Lakeview rooms only, at $247/night. To check on availability, please call 416.869.1600 or online.

  • Please release any unneeded reservations as early as possible to ensure the maximum number of delegates are able to attend!

HOUSING SCAM ALERT: Please be aware of companies contacting you directly to make room reservations to attend OVMA. These companies are in no way affiliated with OVMA or the host hotel, the Westin Harbour Castle, however, they may say that they are! Please note: OVMA, nor the Westin will ever contact you directly to solicit hotel reservations.

Please DO NOT EVER give one of these companies your credit card information as doing so may result in your credit card being compromised. They may also promise you a reservation that does not exist.

Reservations can only be made by directly contacting the Westin Harbour Castle by phone, or online.


  • Exhibitor Badge Registration:  All exhibit representatives MUST be pre-registered and only those with exhibitor badges and lanyards will be granted access to the tradeshow.  Name badge lists must be submitted before December 15, 2016.  On-site exhibitor registrations may be subject to additional fees.  Please refer to page 13 of your Exhibitors’ Prospectus for additional registration details. For additional copies of the exhibitor badge registration forms, please refer to page 34 of the prospectus.

    Exhibitor Badges will be available for pick up at the Exhibitor Registration Desk from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 25, 2017. Beat the Thursday morning line-up and pick up your name badge early!           

    Please be advised:
  • Exhibitor badges are NOT transferable between company representatives regardless of time spent in the exhibit hall.
  • Improperly badged personnel will not be granted access to the exhibit hall, or will be asked to leave the premises.
  • Exhibitor badges do no permit access to the scientific sessions. Exhibitor personnel will be asked to leave session rooms.

    Failure to adhere to rules and regulations of the event may impede ability to exhibit at future OVMA events. We thank-you for your cooperation and adherence to these rules.

  • Operation and Use of Exhibit Space: As is outlined in the Exhibitors’ Prospectus, page 12, all food/beverage for distribution from an exhibit space must be approved or purchased directly through the Conference venue. No food or beverages may be distributed by Exhibitors in the Exhibit Hall unless arrangements have been made in advance. Any unauthorized food/beverage items will be confiscated. Additional fees may apply.  For additional information or to inquire re: approval of food/beverage distribution from your booth, please contact OVMA’s Manager of Continuing Education 

  • Exhibitor CE Session Passes:  In response to demand from OVMA exhibit representatives, OVMA is making “Exhibitor CE Session Passes” available. 

Please note the following regarding the availability of Exhibitor CE Session Passes:

  • Passes will be made available for single day or full conference use. The cost per pass is $215 per day or $490 for the whole conference.  Exhibiting companies may purchase multiple passes if they so choose.
  • Each Pass is transferable between all company representatives already registered to attend that company’s exhibit.
  • Company representative using the CE Session Pass must wear their “Exhibitor Badge” as well as a lanyard specifically assigned for the Session Pass. If both lanyards are not worn, they will be asked to leave the lecture room
  • Each pass allows ONE representative at a time to attend any general program offering.  They will not allow access to specialty sessions (i.e. Master Classes, Labs or any sessions requiring additional registration).
  • Exhibitor CE Session Passes do not include luncheon vouchers.
  • For additional information please contact OVMA’s Manager of Continuing Education. Or to purchase an Exhibitor CE Session Pass for your company please refer to the Exhibitor Badge Registration Form.


  • Lunch Ticket Order Form 

    Please submit your completed form to order lunch tickets for your on-site company representatives for Thursday, Friday and/or Saturday. Please note that lunch tickets are being provided to all exhibitors at a rate subsidized by OVMA. In order to keep booth rental increases at a minimum, lunch tickets are not included with the booth rental fee. 

    Lunch is provided for exhibitors each day beginning at 11:15 a.m. This is ½ hour prior to scientific sessions breaking for lunch. Exhibitors are encouraged to take advantage of this time to beat the lunchtime rush! 


  • For information about Materials Handling, please refer to page 21 of the Exhibitors' Prospectus. (link above) This does not pertain to Table Tops exhibitors as Material handling is not required for table top displays.


  • Stronco Exhibitor Order Form Package
    If the set-up of your exhibit space requires any furnishings such as tables, chairs, carpeting or decorations, please be sure to place your order directly with Stronco.

    PLEASE NOTE: There are NO furnishings included with booth rentals in the Main Exhibit Hall.

    Table Top Display Exhibitors will be provided: One (8 ft) white skirted table plus two grey stacking chairs. No furnishing substitutions are permitted. Only one table is permitted per individual display space rental.

    For additional information regarding Table Top & Exhibit Hall Entitlement please refer to page 12 of the 2017 OVMA Exhibitors’ Prospectus.


  • Shipping and Customs Information is included with the Stronco Exhibitor Order Form Package, as they are the official air and ground transportation carrier to handle all domestic and international exhibit shipments for the 2017 OVMA Conference.


  • A copy of the Canada Border Services Agency letter to be presented to Canada Customs Officials at time of entry into Canada (for US Exhibitors) will be available soon. Please contact Patty Dawson, OVMA Manager of Continuing Education, if you require a copy.


  • Audiovisual Equipment Rental
    Exhibiting companies requiring additional audiovisual equipment are encouraged to contact OVMA’s contracted Audiovisual provider: PSAV Presentation Services.


  • Electrical Service Order Form
    Exhibitors requiring electrical service are required to complete and submit an order form directly with the Westin Harbour Castle’s electrical service provider, PSAV.

    PLEASE NOTE: Electrical service is NOT included with your booth rental.

    OVMA has negotiated special electrical service rates with the hotel’s provider, PSAV.

    One 15 Amp service per 10 x 10 or table top exhibit rental can be ordered at a promotional “One day rate” of $96+++ per outlet, IF arranged prior to the January 17, 2017 cut-off.

    Additional electrical service, or orders placed after January 17, 2017 will be billed at PSAV daily rates.



  • Lead Retrieval Order Form 
    Gather even more client leads at the 2017 OVMA Conference. These scanners are portable, hand held and require no power. Order your scanners today and save!



According to Ontario’s Electrical Safety Code, all electrical products sold, displayed, or connected to a source of power in Ontario must be approved by a recognized certification agency in Ontario. Approved products have been assessed to ensure that they meet the safety requirements of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. Electrical products that do not bear the mark of a recognized certification agency may be unsafe, and could pose serious electrical shock and/or fire hazards.

Unapproved products may not be sold, displayed or connected to a power source.

Exhibitors must check electrical products to ensure that they have been approved and meet the electrical safety standards established for Ontario.

More information, including a list of recognized marks and labels can be found by visiting .

Representatives from the Electrical Safety Authority may access the show at any time to ensure that all electrical equipment on display is:

  1. approved, or
  2. if unapproved, exhibitors have obtained from ESA one of the following:
  1. Permission to Show, or
  2. Permission to Energize such equipment.

Permission must be granted by the ESA for any non-approved equipment prior to the start of the Trade Show. Failure to comply with these Rules or the Regulation is an offence and upon conviction, a person or director/officer of a corporation could be found liable to a fine of up to $50.000 and /or imprisonment of not more than a year. A corporation may be found liable to a fine up to $1,000,000.

To ensure compliance, “Applications to Show / Energize” (as required for unapproved equipment), can also be found on the website noted above.


  • Exhibitor Information kits will be available for pick up at the Exhibitor Information Desk, located outside the entrance to the exhibit hall, on move-in day, Wednesday, January 25, 2017 from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. This kit will contain the Final Conference Program including the Exhibitors' Directory and your company representative registration badges. Ordered lunch tickets may be picked up as well. You are strongly encouraged to pick up your information package early to avoid long wait times.


  • MOVE IN TIMES: Please note!  Confirmation of your move-in time will be provided in early January 2017. No exhibitor will be allowed access to the Conference loading docks until their designated move-in time unless arranged in advance.  Adherence to your assigned move in times should help in making the overall move-in process as smooth as possible. If your company does not require use of the loading docks, I would greatly appreciate being informed as soon as possible.


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