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The following material has been compiled for the information of OVMA members as a guideline only, relating to various safety issues encountered at a veterinary practice. In all cases, it's the responsibility of individual veterinarians to ensure their practices and standards comply with all applicable federal, provincial and municipal bylaws, regulations and legislation. Nothing contained in these sections suggests or implies complete, proper training or certification of veterinarians or their staff as might be required by legislation.

Health and safety is a vital component of all businesses, especially for veterinary practices, as it protects the well-being of employers, staff, clients and patients. These resources are intended as a general guide for those who wish to learn more about occupational health and safety in Ontario veterinary practices. It's directed at veterinarians, veterinary technicians and hospital staff who routinely encounter potential safety hazards during their employment. 

Additional requirements can be found at:

Ontario Ministry of Labour: 1.800.268.8013 /

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety: 1.800.668.4284 /

Radiation Safety Institute of Canada: 1-800-263-5803 /

Be sure to visit the other Health and Safety sections on OVMA’s website for more information. If you have questions, contact OVMA at 1.800.670.1702.


vets_ethnicGeneral Workplace Health and Safety

Know your health and safety obligations.




WHMIS refresher.



Radiation and Laser Safety

X-ray safety course and requirements, laser safety.



Hazardous Waste

HWIN guidelines, hazardous waste disposal.


Large animal bovine vetHealth and Safety Resources

Helpful links, reference sheets and courses.


stethascope-rectangleWorkplace Violence and Harassment

Policies, programs and additional resources.


pregnantPregnancy and Veterinary Medicine

Employment insurance benefits, health risks, human rights.


wheelchairAccessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act

Standards, compliance reports, training resources.





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