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OVMA’s Continuing Education (CE) Recognition Program provides veterinarians and animal welfare professionals with the opportunity to collect CE credits. Collecting OVMA CE credits is a great way to demonstrate to clients that you’re deeply invested in animal welfare, and that you’re committed to continually improving patient care and customer service. 


Each year, OVMA presents members whove completed at least 30 hours of CE during the previous calendar year with a commemorative tile to add to their OVMA Continuing Education plaque (provided after the individual’s first CE recognition submission). 


Complete the CE Recognition Form. Be sure to include all continuing education you’ve undertaken during the calendar year, as this will help OVMA identify topics of most interest to members.  
For all CE events attended in person or studied online, be sure to attach a copy of receipts or letters for proof of participation.  
Submit your completed form and proof of participation to the OVMA office.

Find more CE opportunities!

Visit the events section of our website to browse through webinars, sessions, events and more.