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Your source for veterinary classifieds

Whether you’re looking to work, hire, buy, or sell, you’ve come to the right place. OVMA Classified Ads are among the most comprehensive in Canada. Classified ads are posted publicly on the OVMA website, and are updated daily.


Classifieds services for OVMA members

Members get advertising rate discounts.

A number of career-related services are also available to members, including:

For information about these services, contact us.

Beware of online scams! Classified advertisers are reminded to be aware of online scammers who may pose as genuine buyers, sellers, etc. Tactics used by scammers may include sending you a cheque for more than the required payment on an item and then asking you to refund the difference; insisting on immediate payment; or payment by electronic funds transfer or a wire service.

How to write a standout job ad

Are you hiring? A well-written job ad is key to attracting the right candidates. Learn how to make your ad stand out. Note: all classified ads are posted to the OVMA website in paragraph format.

How to submit a classified ad

Email your classified ad (in paragraph format) to In your email, also tell us the search category keywords you want your ad to be searched for, and OVMA staff will activate those keywords when posting your ad. The categories and keywords are:

Type: Full-time, Part-time, Full-time and Part-time, Temporary

Position: Small Animal, Large Animal, Mixed, Equine or Emergency

Region (see map below to find your region): Southwestern Ontario, Western Ontario, Southern Ontario, Greater Toronto Area, Central Ontario, Eastern Ontario, Northern Ontario or Outside of Ontario.

City/Town: Your clinic's location, plus the closest major city. If you're an out-of-province advertiser, include the name of the closest major city, plus your province, state or country.




OVMA box numbers

If you want to remain anonymous in your ad, get an OVMA box number. We'll forward responses to you so that your contact information isn't posted publicly.  

How to reply to an OVMA box number

If you're replying to an ad with an OVMA box number, send an email with the following information to

  • The box number in the subject line
  • Any documents or information you want the advertiser to have
  • Anything you would like to say to the advertiser (questions, contact info, etc.) in the body of the email.

Your email will be forwarded to the advertiser, who will then contact you.



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